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The Wright Talent Group exists to mentor models, actors, and respective parents in all aspects of the talent industry. President, Angela Phillips Wright, has over a decade of international experience  with modeling and acting, as well as scouting and developing talent.  Whether your goal is to be discovered by a top agency or you are looking to gain valuable life skills such as confidence and poise, we can help. We pride ourselves in discovering, developing, guiding, and marketing models, actors, and their parents.



Over the past 12+ years we have learned the important role parents play in the industry. We have found that many parents are unsure how to get their child started in acting and modeling which leads to wasted talent, time, and money. We focus on educating the parents to be their child’s best advocate and resource in this industry.

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We are happy to review your virtual submission at any time by email. Please direct inquiries to:  Info@TheWrightTalentGroup and make sure to include the following information: Name, age, areas of industry interest, experience, location, and snap shot photo.

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